The 2013 Hurricane Season Starts in Naples (June 1st- Nov. 30th)

June 1st is upon us and for Floridians, it marks an important date for the safety of our families and our property. It is the official start of Hurricane season and with it comes a heightened need for preparedness. This year the NOAA predictions call for an active to extremely active season. Putting a 70% chance on having 13-20 named storms. 3-6 of those storms registering as major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5 and winds starting at 111 mph and increasing). The full official release from the NOAA is embedded below.

 Knowing and understanding the warnings is one thing. But now is also the time to take action and access one’s actual readiness on the chance that Naples takes a direct or even passing blow from a Hurricane. Embedded below is a link to NOAA’s Tropical Cyclone Preparedness guide.

 Here you can familiarize yourself again with some of the terminology used during this season. You can also find helpful outlines for Hurricane supply kits as well as suggested steps to come up with Family evacuation plans, and home preparedness.

 As always, TurnLeaf is here for our customers. We view this time of year as a chance to shine and put our full weight and efforts into supporting our clients. We are here to make sure you don’t have to weather the storms alone.